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As an eligible employee of Rutgers University, you are offered a comprehensive benefits package which includes many medical, tax-savings programs and employee discount options to name a few. We urge you to take advantage of these opportunities as they are a part of your total compensation package.

We encourage you to review all of the information below and/or pick up a benefits package form the Human Resources-Newark Office, Blumenthal Hall, Rm 202. In addition, you may stop in or make an appointment with Judy Crespo or Irma Mendoza to discuss your benefits. 973-353-5500


Retirement Plans

Tax Save Programs

Rutgers and the State of New Jersey offer various tax saving plans that can help increase your available income and reduce your tax liability. The following are voluntary programs.


Paid Time Off

Rutgers offers generous paid time off benefits for staff employees. For specific information regarding Paid Time Off benefits, consult the applicable Collective Negotiations Agreement and/or the University Policy Library. For questions and assistance, contact a Benefits Specialist at 973-353-5500.

Educational Benefits

Benefit Summaries

New Employees


Retiree Health Benefits

Retiree Dental Benefits

As a retiree, you can enjoy a wide range of campus and special retiree services.

Life Events

New Jersey Division of Pensions and Benefits

Additional Benefits

Información Para los Empleados

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