Rutgers University-Newark Staff Council

Through the Rutgers University- Newark Strategic Plan which was established in 2015 by Chancellor Cantor, the Staff Council Working Group has been charged to create an active Staff Council through the Staffing for the New Mission Preliminary Recommendations.

The Staff Council will serve as a dynamic and inclusive Advisory Board to the Chancellor and provide the Rutgers University-Newark (hereinafter referred to as RU-N) staff a voice within RU-N and also as a partner within the Newark community as contributor to create, enhance and improve staff community engagement efforts, professional development needs, and also staff recognition. The Staff Council’s primary responsibilities are Communication, Collaboration, Advising, Recognition, and Professional Development for all RU-N staff. These responsibilities include, but are not limited to the ability:

  1. To listen to, pursue, and respond to the ideas and opinions of staff employees;
  2. To convey these ideas and opinions to the University administration;
  3. To collaborate with the RU-N Chancellor to engage in a regular exchange on issues that affect staff employees;
  4. To keep employees informed about the movement forward on strategic plan initiatives and Staff Council items.

The Staff Council will be inclusive to all staff, both union and non-union and focus on the needs and concerns of RU-N staff. This elected group of officials will represent and provide a concrete and potentially powerful vehicle for empowering staff and ensuring that their views are known by university leadership and the university community at large. The Staff Council Elected Board will develop an annual one-day Staff Retreat & Conference that would allow staff from various departments to come together, learn from each other, collaborate, and network with one another. It could become an important instrument for breaking down silos between units and enhancing staff visibility and sense of voice at RU-N.

There is no intention for the Staff Council to develop procedures and protocols that will serve as a conduit for disciplinary procedure or tool, thus any disciplinary actions or conduct hearings will follow the established University procedures and will be handled by the respective University offices.  

For more details visit the RU-N Staff Council ByLaws


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