Staff Council Nomination and Election Process

Staff shall be notified by April 15th of the two-week nomination process which begins on Monday April 23, 2018 through May 4, 2018.

In collaboration with HR Newark, the process for the election of the Executive Board and General Staff Council representative body is as follows:

  1. Staff members may self-nominate or nominate another staff member by submitting a nomination form during the nomination period. (Nomination form to be added to the Appendix)
  2. The election committee will notify and confirm the nominees’ acceptance and create the final list of candidates for election by May 9th.
  3. The election committee shall verify eligibility, willingness of nominees to serve, in writing, and shall inform the nominees of meeting times, attendance requirements, the time commitment required, and the fact that this is a voluntary position with no additional compensation.
  4. Voting process to be completed by online ballot.
Important Election Related Dates:
  • Apr 9  Call for Nominations
  • Apr 23rd - May 4th Open Nomination Period
  • May 10th Ballot Distribution
  • May 10th -17th Voting Period
  • June 1st  Announcement of Results 
  • Jun 26, 2018  Inauguration of Staff Council Executive Board and General Body Representatives