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Communicator Certificate Program

The Communicator Certificate Program is now being offered virtually for all Rutgers faculty and staff. Previously offered as two six-hour, in-person classes, these two courses are now divided into four 90-minute virtual sessions. This program is brought to you by the Rutgers Department of University Communications and Marketing.

The courses include the following:

Participants will learn how to properly use the new Rutgers University identity system. These sessions will focus on the importance of branding and a systematic approach for the proper use of the university identity, as well as on how to tell the Rutgers story more effectively. 

  • Understanding the Rutgers Identity (Part I) – Brand Messaging
  • Understanding the Rutgers Identity (Part II) – Visual Identity System

Participants will receive an introduction to the many policies, procedures, and guidelines associated with communications and marketing efforts. These sessions will focus on standards that guide web design, filming and photography, advertising, copyrights, and purchasing, as well as resources for finding detailed information about these and other communication-related issues. 

  • Communication Guidelines and Policies (Part I) – University Communication Policies
  • Communication Guidelines and Policies (Part II) – Resources and Guidelines


For more information and inquiries, visit Rutgers University Communications and Marketing website.