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View the most current Policies and Procedures, Salary Schedules, and Labor Union information pertaining to employment at Rutgers University.

In some cases, Human Resources-Newark provides day-to-day assistance for employees in the Newark campus.

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Employee Labor Relations

Human Resources-Newark provides day-to-day employee and labor relations advisement, interpretation and administration of the University policies, regulations, procedures, and the collective bargaining agreements.

Employee Compensation

Human Resources-Newark administers all policies associated with compensation matters on the RU-N Campus.

Positions are classified or reclassified to accurately reflect their differences in scope and responsibility, the level of expertise required in the position, impact of the position on the University, and market pricing.


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New Employee Resource

Information and resources are available for New Employees to help navigate your new role at Rutgers University-Newark.


Retirement Services

Human Resources-Newark provides services for employees needing assistance with all aspects of the retirement process from  preparing for retirement or additional support while enjoying retirement.

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