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The P3: A Collaboratory for Pedagogy, Professional Development and Publicly-Engaged Scholarship

Generated from the recommendations of the New Professoriate Study Group and encouraged and supported by the Chancellor and Provost, the P3 Collaboratory is a high priority initiative conceived by faculty, staff and students reflecting key priorities of the Rutgers University-Newark Strategic Plan.

The P3 Collaboratory is a comprehensive development center to serve the needs of the existing and emerging professoriate while supporting the mission of the University (See The P Preliminary Recommendations Report.) The P3 Collaboratory engages in the life of the professoriate from preparation of graduate students for diverse career trajectories, through identification and recruitment of promising scholars, providing the best supports for a successful career from hiring to retirement and beyond. Under a general rubric of faculty and student development, the P3 Collaboratory provides support to increase student success through excellence in teaching, high impact scholarship (particularly publicly engaged scholarship), leadership development, and career success. The P3 Collaboratory is a place for scholars across RU-N and beyond to come together across disciplinary, rank and professional boundaries to engage in critical challenges facing our community and society; to be a part of teaching, scholarship and leadership learning communities; and to join in discussions that are of utmost importance to the university community.

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