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Rutgers University in partnership with Prudential is hosting Rutgers Employees First initiative which provides tools and resources to help support and promote employee wellness and build communities of interest around topics relevant to your needs and interests.

Financial Wellness Webinars are  “intended to provide employees with the tools and education necessary to manage finances and make the best financial decisions for themselves, their families, and their futures.  Webinars are available to all Rutgers employees and are free of charge.” 

This is the second series of Rutgers First Webinars.

7 Tips For Life After Lockdownhosted by Prudential
During this webinar, the importance of a spending plan that reflects your current financial situation, ways to address debt, and how to save for your retirement and unexpected events will be discussed.

How Insurance Can Help Protect Your Financial Wellnesshosted by Prudential
This session provides an overview of your benefits and breaks down the types of coverages you may want to consider to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your assets.

Budgeting And Building An Emergency Savings Fundhosted by Prudential
Employees interested in exploring the fundamentals of budgeting including how to find ways to save more and build an emergency savings fund will benefit from this webinar.

6 Essential Tools For Estate Planning After Lockdown hosted by Prudential
Estate planning is an essential part of planning for your future and your family’s future.  In this session, you will learn more about estate planning tools such as wills and trusts, as well as legal documents for healthcare management.

New Beginnings – Transitioning Successfully Into Retirement hosted by Prudential
Employees considering retirement will benefit from this webinar.  The session will take a deep dive into topics such as transition and portability of benefits, managing cash flow, unemployment compensation, severance package details, protecting retirement savings, health insurance replacement, Social Security, and estate planning strategies.

Investing In Turbulent Times – The Impact of Coronavirus hosted by Prudential
In this webinar, the current economic climate due to the Coronavirus will be discussed as well as strategies for investing in turbulent financial markets.

Financial Challenges That Matter Mosthosted by Prudential
Employees wishing to learn more about best practices for growing and managing income, protecting assets, and minimizing debts will benefit from this webinar.

Deferred Compensation 101hosted by Prudential
This session will discuss deferred compensation and provide information regarding the opportunity to voluntarily shelter a portion of your wages from federal income taxes while saving for retirement.