HR-Newark values your opinion and continued feedback.

After working with our staff on any number of issues, we would like to hear directly from you regarding the services and information provided. We are requesting that you complete one of the surveys below that relates the best to your interaction with the menbers of HR-Newark.

Complete the survey based on the HR Inquiry that our HR representative assisted you with.

  • HR Newark Operations - Interactions and information provided by the Front Office Representatives (initial questions, referrals, job postings, benefits paperwork, etc.) 
  • HR Newark Benefits - Interactions provided by the Benefit Representatives. (health benefits, educational benefits, I-9, enrollment items, etc.)
  • Medical Leave - Interactions provided by the Benefit Representatives around all medical and other leave issues. 
  • Employment Equity Issues - Interactions with our staff who provide support, information, guidance and referrals around discrimination, harrassment, ADA, and other issues.
  • Labor Relations Issues - Interactions with our staff who provide support, information, guidance and referrals around employee relations, discipline, negotiated agreements, policy interpretation, etc.
  • HR Newark Classification & Compensation - Inquiries related to job classification or compensation issues for regular and temporary positions (policy interpretation, process, system assistance, etc.)
  • New Employee Orientation - Employees who attended the orientation provided by HR-Newark staff.
  • ROCS Training Survey - Used by participants who attended the training classes for Recruitment Onboarding Classification System.